May 22, 2010

Remote auction house beta test expanded

Blizzard's community managers have just announced that the beta testing phase of the Remote Auction House is no longer exclusive to the Whirlwind battlegroup and has been expanded to all US realms. This includes both the mobile app for the iPhone as well as the web-based auction house found on the Armory.

For a preview of this app's features, both the mobile and web versions, check out the galleries below.

Blizzard confirmed for BlizzCon 2010

Blizzard recently confirmed via a post on their official site that Jay Mohr will be hosting BlizzCon 2010 in Anaheim, California October 22nd and 23rd (we originally reported this via Jay's quickly deleted tweet back in February).

Tickets go on sale for the event on June 2nd and June 5th for about as long as it takes to punt a gnome across the road. But if you don't get tickets, you can still catch Jay (and all the other glories that are BlizzCon) via the live internet stream.

In my opinion, Jay has been doing a better job at BlizzCon each year he's hosted.

Blizzard Entertainment

Comedian and actor Jay Mohr will be returning to BlizzCon this year to serve as master of ceremonies for the live costume contest and other contests on the first night of the show. Jay is the star of the popular television show Gary Unmarried, and is known for his roles in movies like Jerry Maguire and for creating, producing, and hosting the successful TV series Last Comic Standing. We'll have more info to share about the Friday-night contests and other events at BlizzCon in the months leading up to the show, so keep your eye on for more details.

Update: On Twitter, Mohr currently says he's not sure he's doing BlizzCon this year.

May 18, 2010

A roundup of WoW Classes changes

Love it or hate it, World of Warcraft is the 900-pound gorilla of the MMO market at the moment. Nearly everyone who games online has at least tried it, and even those of us who play other games very possibly still play it as an old standby. So it's hard to miss the news about the newest expansion, Cataclysm, which is poised to remake the world in many ways. It's also home to an ambitious series of overhauls to classes and their talent structure, with far-reaching changes for every class in the game.

Our sister site,, has been keeping abreast of the development team's slow roll of new information about each class, with every class but Paladins having their upcoming changes previewed. (Paladins are due out on the 16th, due to being "deep in development.") They've also gone through an in-depth analysis of each different set of changes, from the good to the bad. So if you've played the game at all -- and the odds are you have -- take a look past the break for a quick version of everything coming when World of Warcraft brings down the end of the world.