November 14, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King Hunter Roundup

So, Wrath of the Lich King is here, and it is awesome . Make sure you have all the tools you need to oil your guns, string your bows, and feed your pets.

Let's take a moment and review all the basic sources of information you can use to help propel your level 70 Hunter into Northrend, on to level 80, and then on to greatness!


  • Scattered Shots offered some basic tips for Hunters getting ready for Northrend, including some suggestions for levelling specs

  • There's a few tweak still needed for the sake of Hunters even at release time, but Scattered Shots shows you how to handle those bugs in the mean time .

  • Make sure you understand the new defensive setting for pets

  • BRK display Green Arrow's oldest trick in Freezing Arrow and a new Wolf .


  • Take an in depth look at Beastmastery from Scattered Shots

  • Don't forget to read BigRedKitty's Patch 3.0.2 Talent tree guide


  • What is the best looking pet ? David Bowers has you covered with a list of the most beautiful critter-killers available.

  • Our Beast Mastery and Exotic Pet special features covered some of the specific families you may want to use: Bats , Chimaera , Core Hounds , Devilsaur , Silithid , Spiders , and Worms .

  • BigRedKitty takes it a step further with videos of Hunter animals in action: Gorilla(din) , Mammoth (it counts, in BRK's mind), Crocolisk, Bat, and Raptor , the Rhino , the Sporebat, Wind Serpent, and Worm , the Crab, Cat, and Serpent , and everyone's favorite screen-shaker, the Core Hound .

  • Yeah, Petopia was updated

  • Experimenting with pets is now a little easier, since pets level faster than in Burning Crusade


  • How about a Hunter pet tanking Gruul ?

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