December 8, 2008

The Arena Season 5 Draws Near

Are you searching for the WoW arena season 5 recently? So it's here! Got the hot news for the next WoW Arena! Gnorog on the EU forums posted notice a while ago that wow Season 4 is over, and WOW Arena Season 5 will Begin on Dec. 17th. That means that all arena teams and ratings have been cleared, and arena charter NPCs have been disabled.

Your arena points will stay with you until you reach level 71 however. But the end of Season 4 isn't the news.

Arena Season 5 will begin on Dec 17th for those players that have reached level 80. That's just a few days away. For those that haven't, the skirmish brackets of 71-75 and 76-80 are available. The time is now to start organizing your arena teams and get them in gear for the upcoming events.

With all the changes in wotlk the next wow arena 5 wow promises to be interesting. Let's wait and see what will happened in wow arena season 5!

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