January 31, 2009


It was a long time ago that people stood in line outside the game, waiting for the imminent release of Wrath of the Lich King with the other young virgins, desperate for the next installment of their virtual addiction.

Over again and again, you forget how much you hate solo PVE until you actually have to do it. It's not that it was a long, arduous grind- it wasn't. It's the fact that you haven't had to do this grind for over two years and you no longer remember how irritating it was. We noticed that by level 74 no one was bothering to Gank anymore- people were so mind-numbed by the monotony of killing 8 kobolds and collecting 12 bear that they had no time to inclination to engage in world PVP unless you really provoked them. And more often than not that wasn't enough.

Up to now, the 5 man dungeons have been mercifully short, which is a welcome change to the 2+ hour trash-fests of Shadow Lab and the like. They've also been lots of fun in terms of layout, encounters and general feel. Now we have to say that although PVE isn't the favorite aspect of the game, we enjoyed grinding these dungeons much more than grinding the TBC dungeons. The addition of the ability to choose the rep you want to gain was a very good idea and should be expanded upon. One of the complaints is that the gear on normal was pretty lackluster even at 80. We best hope that heroics will provide a better answer.

We did the first actual raiding since the MC days by pugging 25-man Naxx. We'd never been to Naxx, so clearing a few wings before we crashed was way fun. It's inconceivable to think of doing this pre- Wrath of the Lich King. We can't imagine this is what the developers intended though. We the casual hokage, got to experience raid content without having to sacrifice our life in the process. Actually we got to enjoy content we paid for but never got to see- this can't be right. We got believe that Furor and Tigole right now are plotting the assassination of Lord Kalgan (May He Live Forever). Speaking of which, this PVE gear is ridiculous, which brings us to next point.
We are missing the point of PR/TR on arena gear when you can pug cheesy raids and get the same items. We don't want to have to do raid PVE to get PVP gear. Sadly that seems to be the way it's going. To make matters worse, the entry level PVP gear is so bad you're crazy to even go for it as opposed to the heroic/raid gear you can get with emblems. The stats/resilience on the Savage blue PVP set are so bad as to be laughable, which is why we will most likely be tank specced running raids/heroics as time permits to gear up for PVP.

In PVP, it's like playing lolret but without the suck. You don't never worrying about mana. It is able to use Skill of the Forsaken while tunnel visioning Priests/Warlocks. It feels like playing a combination of Rogue and lolret at the same time, but getting so much more fun. We can't wait to play this class in arena even though the gear is terribad and we will be eating dirt left and right to the PVE superstars.

PVP'ing while leveling is loads of fun. The only problem is that it cripples your leveling speed badly while you gain virtually nothing. We don't count honor since it's a joke compared to BGs. The solution is simple. Most of the player kills reward 10K XP a pop, with a 25% DR per target per day. This way world PVP is still fun but now it's not a waste of time.

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