February 22, 2009

Fun Things In Dalaran’s Sewers (The Underbelly)

Fun things can be found in The Underbelly of Dalaran - nicknamed “the sewers” for obvious reasons once you’ve visited there.

There are lots of interesting things in the sewers, so I highly recommend any player new to the city to take some time to go check out the various vendors and neat things as part of their exploration of Dalaran itself.

Pets and PvP In Dalaran’s Sewers
If you’re interested in non-combat companions, there’s a vendor down there who sells the Ghostly Skull which is a neat floating, glowing pet to add to your collection. Also for you fishermen out there, there’s the Giant Sewer Rat pet you can fish up, if you’re diligent enough and patient enough, or just plain lucky enough!

Rogues can find reagents down there, and PvP players can find access to one of the new WoTLK arenas down there as well.

Cooking In The Underbelly
With a recent patch came the recipe for Kungaloosh, an alcoholic beverage that recovers mana when drank over time (like water), and you get that recipe by talking to a “washed up mage” in the sewers, just behind one of the sewer grates.

And of course, those of us who do the Daily Cooking Quest to gather up our supply of Northern Spices are sent down into the sewers regularly - to pick mushrooms or to turn in a different cooking quest concoction to the Innkeeper who’s found down there.

Finding The Underbelly Elixir
And then there are the things you might not have known about. Things that are mostly useless, but still fun at the same time. Things that can change how things look for a short period of time, or can enhance a particular skill for a period of time as well.

The Hungry Tuskarr
The first most notable fun thing requires no skill other than a sharp eye and the ability to loot and drink a potion. Look around in the Underbelly for green, conical vials that activate a cogwheel when you hover over them.

Note, these elixirs - called Underbelly Elixirs - don’t sparkle on the ground, and there are a number of vials laying around in The Underbelly that don’t activate a cog because they’re not lootable. If you don’t see one right away, just keep looking, because it’s unlikely someone else has found them all already.

Underbelly Elixir Effects
Underbelly Elixirs are fun items on the game that can only be consumed within the city of Dalaran itself, and apply some type of buff on the drinker. It’s actually recommended that you consume them in a Bank or in The Underbelly itself in order to enjoy the full value of the buff. There are three different buffs at this time:

Flying Wasp

City Of Mages
Hungry Tuskarr
The first buff turns you into a Flying Wasp. And in Dalaran’s sewers, you can actually fly, and swim, and fight while in Wasp form and you will not lose the buff. It’s also been said that you can get the buff while in Dalaran’s banks and not lose the buff. But, because it’s a flying mount form (of sorts), as soon as you hit the streets of Dalaran you’ll lose the buff in the No-Fly Zone.

Flying Wasp Buff
The second buff isn’t immediately obvious to the drinker, which may tempt you to drink another Underbelly Elixir to try for a different buff - but don’t! Not yet. With this buff you can head out onto the streets of Dalaran without fear. Once you’re on the streets, look at the people around you, and you’ll see the effect of this fun elixir (especially visible by Horde in Horde-only areas)

The third buff works great for players who are looking to fish up the Giant Sewer Rat or are fishing at Dalaran’s fountain in order to complete The Coin Master achievement, because it turns you into a Tuskarr (Walrus people), and this form gives you a +50 buff to your fishing skill. It won’t increase the chance of you catching special things, but it decreases the chance of fish getting away on every cast.

More Neat Things In Dalaran’s Sewers
There are more neat things in there, including the Magic Eater fish which you can catch in the waters there, which have their own funny buff effects.

Is there anything else I’ve missed, something fun that someone’s found down there where the green ooze flows?

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