March 27, 2009

World of Warcraft iGoogle theme

More and more people (myself included) are starting to use iGoogle as their homepage, because it's incredibly useful. There's all sorts of widgets you can use to customize your homepage, from useful things like the weather and a feed of the top news stories, to goofy things like games and videos. I started using it awhile ago, so I was excited to hear about the addition of World of Warcraft iGoogle theme.

The theme is pretty basic as far as its appearance goes: A little art on top, a little art on the bottom, and text colored to match. No absurd bells and whistles or major distractions. The cool thing this theme does, like a few other iGoogle themes, is it changes depending on the time of day in your region. When I first put this theme on my homepage earlier today it had a somewhat orange tinge to it all, the art being what I believe is Durotar. Orcs, all of that sort of thing. As of my writing this, it's only 2 PM Central and it's already switched over to the dark blue of the Lich King. It seems a bit early to be swapping to what appears to be the nighttime version of the theme, and it's somewhat depressing in an odd sort of way.

I'll still use it because... well, why not? I was using the default WoW iGoogle theme before, and that's downright boring. As a WoW Insider writer you'd probably expect me to urge you all to run out and use this theme right away, but nah. Use it if you want, it's pretty cool.

If you're a longtime gamer, it's going to be hard to turn down some of their other gaming themes to use this one. They also have Zelda, Galaga, Street Fighter, Super Mario, and Mega Man themes (along with other, less interesting games) available, so this one has some pretty stiff competition!

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