April 8, 2009

Argent Tournament dailies: The Edge of Winter

All of the Argent Tournament competitors want to best their rivals, and the best way to do that is (clearly) to grab some mythical weapons and bash their heads in. In this case, you're after the Edge of Winter, a mythical blade held safe by the Maiden of Winter's Breath Lake ... but not for yourself, of course. You don't need any kind of special advantage to compete.

The first thing you'll want to do is head to Crystalsong Forest, near the entrance of the Crystal Vice.

Keep an eye out for a fire revenant named Lord Everblaze. He's patrolling the bluff above the Crystal Vice and the spot is marked with a bunch of flaming torches.

Kill homeboy, grab his Everburning Ember, and head to Winter's Breath Lake in northwest Howlin' Fjord! You'll see an ice floe near the lake's north bank.

Land there and target the conspicuously-frozen dryad, then use your Everburning Ember to set her free! In her gratitude, she'll give you the Edge of Winter, which, good independent contractor you are, you can bring back to your client for your reward.

Reward: 2 Valiant's Seals, 13g 23s

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