April 4, 2009

New 5-man dungeon plotlines

So the rumors of a new 5-man dungeon to come sometime before Icecrown, maybe in 3.2 or 3.3, continue to persist. Assuming they're true, I wonder: What would you like to see? I have a few ideas of my own.

How about a Grimtotem dungeon? Let's unmask Magatha once and for all as a Scourge agent. Some quest lines point to the possibility, and it's an excuse to implement a nice Great Masquerade type quest line complete with confrontation in Thunder Bluff. It's topical to Wrath, and it shakes Tauren lore up a bit. It's a perfect idea all around, as far as I'm concerned.

If that idea doesn't tickle your fancy, I have a few more after the break.

Another idea is to create a third Azjol-Nerub dungeon. Let's face it. For a sprawling subterranean empire, Azjol-Nerub feels sort of small, thousand mile drop aside. I'd like to see another section of Azjol-Nerub opened up into a BRD style dungeon. It'd be a nice experiment in bringing back longer dungeons, and it could be a proper large spider city that does justice to all the talk about the ancient kingdom of the spider people.

Finally, I'd sort of like to see another Vykrul dungeon. No reason other than I think they are awesome, and I want more back story. Plus I wanna meet some of the "good" Vykrul who didn't go for Ymiron's blood thirst and evil. Maybe even some of the ones who protected their poor sickly mutant kids. It'd be sort of like meeting Adam and Eve for us Human PCs. There's got to be more awesome Viking giant back story. Don't let it end with Ymiron's unceremonious death!

What about you? If there's a new 5-man or even a new secret raid dungeon coming, what settings and story lines would you like to see explored?

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