June 11, 2009

Quest helper for wow patch 3.1.3

To use a questhelper has nowadays become a very popular mod to use. People love how easy it is to complete the quests and time it saves. If you want to levelup a new char, you need every help you can get to decrease the incredible amount of time it takes to level.

With the latest WoW patch 3.1.3 there was some compatibility problems but now most questhelpers are updated to work correctly.

Don’t spend loads of money on a powerlevel service and risk getting banned from Blizzard (yes, it happens quite often even if the leveling service seem very professional). Using a quest helper is a better way to level up quickly and it works really well. Just be aware that Blizzard are coming down on people using addons that include in game advertising so make sure you choose the right kind of quest helpers.

Some people think questhelpers is ruining the game, just following the arrow accepting and following the quests without having to think or read what the quest is all about. For newbies, I recommend at least reading the quest text in order to get a bit of the wonderful World of Warcraft storyline.

There are several free WotLK quest helping addons in development, but be careful where you download them because several has reported to contain trojans or account stealing functions. An example of a free popular wotlk quest helper is the one made by ZorbaThut and his team.

However, if you want to be 100% sure to get a professional developed, tested and trojan/advertisement free Wotlk Quest helper that works for the latest wow patch 3.1.3, I recommend taking a look at Zygor Guides. I’ve personally tried quite a few of these in-game quest helpers and I must tell you that Zygor offer the most stable and easy to use experience for people in need of ultra high speed leveling.

Just you remember to enjoy the wow/wotlk storyline and don’t stare yourself blind on the leveling speed.

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