July 24, 2009

World of warcraft Stat Changer v2.0

World of warcraft Stat Changer v2.0 Change character stats to any number

Remove casting cooldown on any spell Change your equipment stats/bonuses
Change critical hit to 100%

Level to 70 in just a few hours

100,000+ Health/Mana

Solo 40-man raids by yourself, keep all loot!

Works on all official US, Europe & Asia servers

Tired of the time it takes to get to 60 or 70? It can take WEEKS or MONTHS for most people to level that far. Our Stat Changer can get you to 60-70 in less than 2 days! wow Stat Changer works by allowing you to change ANY stat on your character. This enables you to do insane damage to creatures. Use this to solo instances (perfect place to level and the drops are really nice)

DETECTION UPGRADES: The Stat Changer is now COMPLETELY UNDETECTABLE! New injection algorithm disables wow_warden.dll, preventing blizzard's anti-hack scanner from running.

Take advantage of this programming breakthrough - why waste time grinding with the grunts.... play wow in GOD MODE!

Buff Freezer included... freeze any buff for your entire session! Imagine getting a monster heal buff from a priest, then running around for hours killing anything in sight without ever dying!

Our time is important, isn't yours? Why grind when you can play God mode, collecting the best items, the most gold and soloing the hardest monsters. You owe it to yourself to spend your hours playing wow enjoying your new position at a cut above the competition. Our utilities and hacks work on all World of Warcraft servers! Our tools and cheats have been created by gamers, for gamers to maximize your gaming experience.

Mmorpg Cheats... As gamers first and software developers second, we are committed to providing you with the latest in quality world of warcraft cheats and hacks. Why buy wow gold when you can quickly collect it yourself with this tool? Use Stat Changer to freeze your buffs, change your stats, solo bosses without a healer and more.

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