August 15, 2009

Possible new race/class combinations datamined

Here's another whopper from Handclaw at Scrolls of Lore, who first uncovered the goblin and worgen masks a month ago.

You may remember the quest added to Thunder Bluff recently, where two druids talk about the merits of following the Sun instead of the Moon. Well, on the wow 3.2.2 PTR, another new quest has been added, this time to Darnassus, where a Highborne mage asks for an audience with Tyrande to offer his services as a mage.

While many speculated that the Thunder Bluff quest indicated a new class, they may be more correct than they think.

In the wow Patch 3.2.2 PTR files, a number of new race/class combination NPCs were discovered. The data mined from MMO-Champion seems to indicate that several races will have the ability to roll classes previously unavailable to them. Unlike our confirmed addition of the new races, it is only speculation that these combinations will be playable, but with the addition of the class-related quests with each additional patch, it seems quite likely.

The current list of these combinations is after the jump. Several races should prepare to jump for joy.

Human Hunter
Orc Mage
Night Elf
Mage Blood
Elf Warrior
Dwarf Shaman
Dwarf Mage
Undead Hunter
Tauren Paladin
Tauren Priest
Gnome Priest
Troll Druid

Yes, that's right. Another shaman for the Alliance, another paladin for the Horde side, two more hunters, another druid for the Horde, a gnome healing class, the triumphant return of the lost-to-vanilla-beta dwarf mage, the advent of blood elf warriors...

If this turns out to be something Blizzard is adding with Cataclysm, the amount of rerollers on top of those playing the new races will be truly staggering. Now where's my other Alliance druid, Blizzard?

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