August 26, 2009

WOW AceWardrobe 3.2.0

AceWardrobe allows you to define unlimited equipment sets known as 'Outfits'. It then lets you switch between these outfits manually or when you mount or change forms/stances. This makes it easy to manage gear sets when in different forms for druids and shaman. It also allows you the ability to switch equipment when in specific stances for tanking or DPS. You can also swap equipment when in stealth mode.

Commands: (/acewardrobe, /wardrobe, /awd, /wd)
/ace profile char acewardrobe :: for a character specific profile
/ace profile class acewardrobe :: for a class specific profile
/wd standby :: forces acewardrobe to keep your current outfit

Ace - A lightweight and powerful system for building addons.

1. Unzip into your wow addons folder.
(World of WarcraftInterfaceAddons)
2. Answer YES to the prompt about replacing any duplicate files.
(3.) If you don't want the Minimap icon, delete the AddonsAceWardrobe_UI folder.


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