September 21, 2009

WoW CombatLog Divise

You register combatlog, but you forgot to delete Combatlog.txt after each raid. Sometimes, you get another raid before the raid you want to register.

In this case, you want only the raid that begins at 20 o'clock.
Sometimes, when you forgot to delete Combatlog.txt after each raid, you have a Combatlog with a size of 1Gb.

This program coded in VB.NET allow you to divise yours raids in the combatlog. The detected raids are shown and you can select each raid you want to conserve on a text file.

For example...
You've done 5 raids this week and you forgot to delete Combatlog.txt. You want to report on WWS the 2 lasts raids.

The program will analyse all your combatlog and detects miliseconds between 2 logs. If it's more than X hour(s) (you can edit X), the program informs you.

After analysis, you can select raids you want to conserve. After this step, the program creates new text files at the number of raids you want to conserve.

Last step : submit each text file to your combatlog parser.

I recommend users to use this program in addition with clsaver or AutoLog.

Only in french in Beta version for this moment. On july, English version will appear.

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