October 20, 2009

WOW Icecrown and Hallow's End edition

Happy Tuesday morning and happy Hallow's End, everyone. That's right, WoW's coolest holiday's in full swing. Or is when the servers are up. If you're going after the Hallowed title, we have a Hallow's End achievement guide for you. If you're thinking of going after everyone's favorite cackling headless holiday boss, we have a guide to the new Headless Horseman loot. Of course, maybe you just want to do some good old fashioned trick or treating. We have something for that too.

Of course, while the revelry continues on live servers, the testing continues on the test servers, and there's been quite a bit of activity.

The icecrown raid has now seen some testing, and we have a list of abilities and achievements for the first boss, Lord Marrowgar. On the raid lore front -- don't click these next couple links unless you want to be spoiled -- we have animation for the Lich King himself and news of Bolvar Fordragon.

There's also speedier reputation grinds coming, as well as bind on account status for the Sons of Hodir shoulder enchantments. We may also be able to transfer bind on account items between factions. Also, leatherworkers will be glad to know that Arctic Fur is now purchasable, and aspiring Loremasters will finally get a list of their completed quests to help their search.

Of course, what with the 5 AM to 11 AM Pacific downtime, you'll have time to read all of the above and more, I'm sure. With that in mind, here's a few more choice tidbits from the past week for your approval:

Hot News and Features

If you've already signed up for Battle.net, be sure to grab Mr. Chilly!
You still have time to get in on our latest Creative WoW headset giveaway.
The Patch 3.3 PTR soldiers on with new builds and new information. Here's some of the latest stuff from the newest build. Have you followed the official Warcraft twitter yet? If not, you may be missing out. Take a sneak peek at the Death Knight manga. Congratulations to Armed Forces, September's Guild of the Month. The WoW devs will be taking questions live on twitter.
Class News and Guides

Shadow priests got some sweet buffs in Patch 3.3.
Warlocks got some changes in the latest Patch 3.3 PTR build as well, and a look at their tier 10 gear.
Totem Talk rounds up the shaman Patch 3.3 PTR changes..
Mages got a simplified Scorch and a buffed Elemental in the latest PTR build, among other things. Arcane Brilliance also has a more in-depth look at the Patch 3.3 changes for Mages thus far.

The Light And How to Swing It looks at the latest news from the Patch 3.3 PTR on paladin Tier 10.
Encrypted Text starts from scratch with rogue character creation.
Rossi's Warrior is getting back to where he once belonged.
Rossi also thinks Whirlwind may need to go.

Items, Professions, PvP, and More

Here's some raiding UI news: Lowbie Raids are gone, everyone gets to place marks, and in general, chaos chaos and anarachy reign in Patch 3.3.
WoW Rookie discusses making time for raiding.
Ready Check takes on the Twin Val'kyr.
Ghostcrawler has some clarification on the removal of armor penetration.=

Odds and Ends
15 Minutes of Fame sits down with WoW, Eh?

Cartoonist Cadistra.
Deathwing comes to life in this fan's sculpture.
Episode 7 of Season 3 of The Guild is up.

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