November 15, 2009

Patch 3.3 PTR: Limited attempts to clear Icecrown

During my time in the upcoming patch 3.3 raid instance Icecrown the other day, I managed to notice something peculiar at the top of the screen. I didn't recall seeing this before anywhere else.

You know how in Trial of the Grand Crusader, you only get 50 attempts before the instance is shut down for your raid group? It seems like a similar mechanic is being implemented in here for Icecrown. When I was in it, I noticed we had 3000 of 3000 attempts remaining. I don't think this is the final number. Remember, this is on a test server so the chances are probable that it's just a placeholder figure.

Some ideas

150 - 200 attempts: In Trial of the Grand Crusader, we had 50 attempts to use against 5 bosses. Assuming it's going to be a similar ratio of attempts to bosses, I think we'll see a range between 150 - 200 attempts.

Heroic mode only: We saw this counter on normal mode. But could it just be for the heroic enabled bosses that count towards the meter? Either that, or it could be that any boss attempts on normal or heroic will count toward it.

Rewards and achievements: Lastly, I suspect we'll see some possible item rewards and achievements based on the amount of attempts we have remaining. Right now there aren't any but we could be seeing some added later on.

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