November 28, 2009

WoW Rookie: Recruit-a-Friend

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Your evil plan has come to fruition: your significant other, best buddy, school pal or co-worker has finally confessed an interest in playing World of Warcraft. Send your buddy a Recruit-A-Friend invitation, and let the bodies hit the floor. You're about to cut a mean swath through Azeroth while enjoying some sweet side benefits:

300% XP bonus for both you and your recruit (when grouped)

10% reputation bonus for you and your recruit

The ability to summon one another to each other's locations across the world

30 levels of "free" XP from your recruit, granted to any of your lower-level veteran characters

A free month of game time for every recruit who upgrades to a retail account

The ever-so-sweet, exclusive Zhevra mount for one of your characters, once your recruit pays for 60 days' worth of game time

Recruit-A-Friend bonuses have been woven into all sorts of mad leveling schemes (which you'll undoubtedly hear tell of in the comments). At its foundation, RAF is designed to get you teamed up and moving forward with a buddy who's new to the game. Because you already know the ropes, Blizzard gives you XP and rep bonuses to allow you to zip through the early levels faster. That may sound as if it's aimed squarely at long-time players, but we think RAF's a great way for new players to enjoy WoW, too. Not only do you get a boost through the early levels, but you get a regular partner throughout the more sparsely populated territories of Azeroth.

If you're wondering if RAF is right for you, consider these points:

In order to gain triple XP, you need to be grouped with your recruit and within 100 yards of one another.

Low-level quests and grey mobs or quests are not eligible for triple XP.

For bonus quest XP, both party members must be present for all kills and at quest completion.

Holiday events are eligible for RAF XP bonuses.

Players who level this quickly will definitely outstrip their crafting and gathering skills, weapon skills and the ability to earn enough money to train new spells and abilities. As the veteran player, be ready to help fund the cause! Plan to catch up on weapon and profession skills, cash flow and gear once you've hit 60.

Your recruit can give one of your veteran characters some 30 "granted" levels up to level 60. Recruits earn one "gift" level to give for every two levels they earn.

Recruit-A-Friend "links" (the period of time that you and your recruit gain bonuses and other benefits) last for 90 days.

RAF benefits are effective only until level 60.

XP bonuses from heirloom items do stack with RAF bonuses; rested XP and other XP bonuses do not.

There are enough rules, regulations and loopholes to the Recruit-A-Friend program that we won't go into all the arcane details here. Visit Blizzard's Recruit-A-Friend FAQ and the Recruit-A-Friend page for the entire scoop.

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