December 9, 2009

Frozen Halls 5-man dungeon attunement walkthrough

The new 5-man dungeon complex in patch 3.3, The Frozen Halls, has three instances:

The Forge of Souls

Pit of Saron

Halls of Reflection

The Pit of Saron and the Halls of Reflection require attunement. In this walkthrough we'll guide you along each quest you need to do in order to be attuned properly.

Please note that this information is based off the PTR version of patch 3.3. Things may have changed slightly since its live release. We'll update the post as necessary.

Alliance / Horde Difference

The objectives and rewards for the Alliance and Horde quest chains are exactly the same. The only difference is that Horde players talk to Sylvanas Windrunner. You can read both versions of the guide:

Alliance Walkthrough

Horde Walkthrough

Alliance Walkthrough

Step 1: Get the quest "Inside the Frozen Citadel"

This quest begins the attunement quest chain. You can obtain this quest by talking to Apprentice Nelphi who walks around Dalaran, frequently making stops at the various banks. This quest is technically optional; it's just a breadcrumb quest to lead you to the dungeons. But, it counts towards various quest totals, so you might as well do it.

Step 2: Go and talk to Jaina Proudmoore in the Forge of Souls

Jaina is right inside the Forge of Souls. Talk with her, and you'll get the next quest "Echoes of Tortured Souls."

Step 3: Clear The Forge of Souls

In particular, you'll need to kill both Bronjahm and the Devourer of Souls.

Step 4: Turn the quest into Jaina, get the next one.

Jaina and friends should appear and open up a portal to the Pit of Saron. Complete the quest and grab the next one in the line, aptly called "The Pit of Saron."

After you turn in "Echoes of Tortured Souls" you are attuned to the Pit of Saron.

Step 5: Go into the Pit of Saron

Enter the portal (or enter the instance later on) and talk to Jaina to turn in the quest. She'll then give you the next quest in the chain "The Path to the Citadel."

Step 6: Free 15 Alliance Slaves, clear the Pit of Saron.

As you clear the quarry in the Pit of Saron you'll come across lots of bad guys with slaves attached to them. Just kill the bad guys, and the slaves will be freed. You'll also need to kill Forgemaster Garfrost, who is the first boss in the Pit of Saron.

Step 7: Talk to Jaina

After you defeat Ick and Krick you'll see Jaina nearby ready to talk to you again. Turn the quest in, she'll now give you the quest "Deliverance from the Pit" where you have to go and kill the final boss of the Pit of Saron, Scourgelord Tyrannus.

Step 8: Kill Tyrannus

Clear the rest of the instance and kill Tyrannus. Once he's dead you can turn the quest into Jaina and get the next quest in the chain called "Frostmourne."

After you turn in "Deliverance from the Pit" you are now attuned to the Halls of Reflection.

Step 9: Meet Jaina in the Halls of Reflection

Even though you're attuned to all the instances, you'll want to finish up the quest chain, since it gives a couple Emblems of Frost. Enter through the gate to the Halls of Reflection (or go into the instance via whatever means you go), and talk to Jaina again. Start the event.

Step 10: Defeat Marwyn

The Halls of Reflection event requires you to defeat several waves of trash, and the bosses Falric and Marwyn. Once you've defeated Marywn you'll automatically be given the one time quest "Wrath of the Lich King."

Step 11: Talk to Jaina, escape the Lich King

Go up and talk to Jaina and escape the Lich King. This requires you to complete the rest of the Halls of Reflection instance.

Turn in the quest to Jaina when you're done, and that's all she wrote.

Again, please remember that this article is based off the PTR versions of the quests. Things could change a little bit between the testing version and the live version.

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