February 6, 2010

Phat Loot Phriday: Trauma

Yo dawg. Blizz heard you like heals, so they put a heal on your heal so you can heal while you heal. Was that a traumatic sentence to read? Sorry, couldn't help it, but I'll claim that I dropped that meme in honor of today's Phat Loot Phriday weapon: Trauma. Not only are the stats on this one-handed mace pretty sexy, but it was the beneficiary of a recent fix. (The heal it procs was only affecting folks in the same group as the person who received the heal, not anyone else in the raid.)

Also? It's totally a bunch of skulls with horns lashed together.

While the thread in which Ghostcrawler posted derailed into general discussion about Blizzard's QA, let's not allow that kind of tangent-hopping to happen here! Without further ado, Trauma:

Name: Trauma

Type: Main Hand Mace

Damage: 112 - 359 Damage, 130.9 damage per second

Speed: 1.80


  • 53 Stamina

  • 53 Intellect

  • Increases spell power by 741.

  • Each time your spells heal a target you have a chance to cause the target of your heal to heal themselves and friends within 10 yards for 217 each sec for 6 sec.

Of course, now that we're seeing Arthas go down, we'll see the Heroic version of Trauma soon enough:

Name: Trauma (Heroic)

Type: Main Hand Mace

Damage: 142 - 414 Damage, 154.4 damage per second

Speed: 1.80


  • 48 Stamina

  • 52 Intellect

  • Has one Yellow Socket

  • Increases spell power by 836.

  • Each time your spells heal a target you have a chance to cause the target of your heal to heal themselves and friends within 10 yards for 245 each sec for 6 sec.

Yeah, if you're noticing that the Stamina and Intellect are slightly less in Heroic and in the normal version, you're not insane. That's what the tooltips actually say. I guess the itemization points for all that spell power, the awesome heals, and a yellow socket have to come from somewhere.

The proc does trigger from HoTs. It has about a 1% percent chance to proc, and shows up in combat logs and parses as Fountain of Light. It only heals up to five people, but before the bug fix, they would all have to be in the same party. Now, you just need to be "friends" and within the range. ("Friends" presumably means within the same raid.)

Even though the healing seems low, we'll see if Trauma doesn't get a little more popular with the fix now in place. Dropping an additional "free" heal as raid healing could be greatly helpful, especially since it's not like the rest of the stats on this mace are bad. (Okay, it's damage per second is pretty poor, but if you're trying to use this as a melee weapon, you have other problems.)

How to Get It: The long version is to not stand in slime, kite oozes, dodge vomit, and do more not-standing-in-slime. The short version is that Trauma drops from Rotface. At a 28% drop chance, you're bound to see it eventually.

(Note that "you're bound to see it" does not guarantee a drop. I do not have that power, or I'd finally be riding my dang Deathcharger.)

Getting rid of it: It sells for 27 gold, and presumably breaks into an Abyss Crystal. Other options include clicking on the item, clicking in mid air and choosing "Delete." Then, confirm your choice by typing Delete into the text box that appears. You should at least go for the gold, though.

Really, the proc is likely to be useful for a very long time, if you fast-cast enough instant heals that you're seeing it pop up regularly. It's a nice bolster to raid healing, but probably not enough to keep it in your inventory forever.

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