June 26, 2010

Blizzard 2010 Global Writing Contest announced

Do you like writing? Well, if you do, and you like the various properties of Blizzard Entertainment (I'm going to have to assume that you do, what with this being a site dedicated to one of them and all), then good news, everybody! I've discovered a contest that will let you write about anything in Azeroth ... or various other worlds as well.

Yes, it's the return of the Global Writing Contest. What are the rules, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did. 

Blizzard Entertainment Global Writing Contest

Do you dare test our judges' optic mettle, laying your ideas and dreams beneath their unblinking gaze? If so, submit a 2,500- to 7,500-word short story written in English and set in the Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo universe by July 30, 2010, and earn your chance to visit the Blizzard headquarters and meet the writers and staff behind the lore of Blizzard's games and books.

There's a FAQ with various clarifications and a button to enter at the official site for the contest. Prizes include a chance to go have lunch with the Blizzard writing staff, a Frostmourne of your very own, a Diablo III barbarian diorama, and much, much more, so get on over there and check it out and then start writing.

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