January 8, 2013

Wow Patch 5.2: No gear to be upgraded!!!

Wow Patch 5.2: No gear to be upgraded!!! One thing that we won't be seeing with wow patch 5.2 is the ability for the new gear to be upgraded via valor points. As Ghostcrawler explains in a tweet from this weekend:

This makes sense in many ways; the primary focus of the "grind" should be acquiring new gear across all slots, not making minor incremental changes to the gear that you've already seen dropped. Valor points also will continue to be useful in the mid-patches with this philosophy (5.1/5.3), versus just becoming something you've got and are never going to use, which often happens during the later end of a raiding tier.

We're assuming here that Ghostcrawler's note will just apply to wow patch 5.2 gear, and not the total system. It would seem quite odd to just switch off the entire upgrading mechanic all the sudden.

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