November 28, 2008

Most annoying Northrend Mob

From wowinsider

Hey, don't get me wrong. I am a confirmed Northrend fanboy. As a big fan of Warcraft III, Norse Mythology, High fantasy, and the like, Wrath of the Lich King is pretty much almost perfect. It taught me how to love again and fixed my hot rod. But there's still some annoying parts too. In particular, my problem the last few days has been with the Shoveltusk.

Seriously, these things are annoying. I'll be riding through the Fjord, passing near a herd of neutral Shoveltusk, when BAM, the Shoveltusk Stag leading the group comes charging out of nowhere, dazes me, and starts laying in. A couple of wolves join in, and suddenly I'm in trouble. Then there's the Island Shoveltusk. Despite having just collected a whole mess of regular shoveltusk meat for some soup, suddenly, I have to collect more shoveltusk meat. Except this is special Island shoveltusk meat. That extra stuff I got on the mainland won't cut it. To make matters worse, the Island Shoveltusk are spread across the island, and are generally eaten by wolves -- as in, nearly wolf mobs attack and kill them -- before I get them. Collecting those six meats can be sort of excruciating after a while.

Of course, the nice part is that they're not located outside the Fjord. But when I'm there... Those buggers are annoying. What about you? Have you developed a hateful relationship with a certain type of mob?

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