November 28, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Cook!

WoW Cooking is one of 3 free secondary skills in World of Warcraft, so why not train it?

1.the way to a man's heart is through his stomache...
2.well fed bonuses to attributes restores health and mana
4.gain the worst case of indigestion and belch fire at your enemies!
5.instills peace and tranquility after visiting the mad Auction House goes well with fishing
7.become a human pirate outside crossroads and see how many people you can fool
8.nothing beats that warm fuzzy feeling you get when providing for family and friends
9.pets love people food too!
10.the Iron Chef never had to cook with ingredients like these!

Where to Start
There are cooking trainers found throughout the game. More than likely you will find one in the second town you come upon after you create a new charcter. If you have difficulty locating one, ask a guard for directions. Train fishing also and you will be able to raise your cooking skill much easier. When you hit the upper levels of artisan cooking, you will need fish to skill up as there are no nonfish recipes at that skill range. View the Fishing Guide for more information on fishing. All cooking requires a cooking fire. Stand near any bonfire, campfire, etc. to cook.

Your cooking trainer will have some recipes that you can learn for a few coin, but most recipes will have to be bought from a vendor. Cooking suppliers, Fishing suppliers, and Trade Goods suppliers will often sell cooking recipes and secondary ingredients like spices, milk, and water. Visit the Cooking Recipe Vendors Page for a list of vendors by cooking level and faction.

Expert Cooking
Expert cooking can only be trained by purchasing and using a special book titled, "Expert Cookbook". Alliance chefs may purchase the Expert Cookbook from Shandrina in Ashenvale. Horde chefs may purchase the Expert Cookbook from Wulan in Desolace. The price of the book is 1 gold.

If you have boat loads of gold, you can probably just purchase the book at the Auction House, but you will usually end up paying twice as much.

Artisan Cooking
To obtain the Artisan Cooking quest, you have to be level 40 and already have a maxed out cooking skill of 225.

Begin by speaking with Dirge Quikcleave at the Inn in Gadgetzan (coords 52.28). He will offer you the Artisan Cooking quest called "Clamlette Surprise". You will need to gather 12 giant eggs, 10 Zesty clam meat, and 20 alterac swiss to complete the quest. You can find giant eggs off Owlbeasts in the Hinterlands. Obtain the zesty clam meat from Big-mouth Clams that are fished or looted off of sea water creatures like threshers in Dustwallow Marsh. Buy the alterac swiss cheese from a vendor: Alliance vendor Ben Trias at the Cheese Shop in Stormwind, or Horde Inkeeper Abeqwa at Freewind Post in Thousand Needles. These items can often be bought at the Auction House if you want to complete the quest quickly.

NOTE: There is a known bug that will keep you from skilling up after receiving the Artisan Cooking if you leave Gadgetzan. After finishing the Artisan Cooking quest, be sure to have the ingredients to cook something to skill up to 226 before leaving Gadgetzan. There is a bonfire behind the Gadgetzan Inn.

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