December 27, 2008

wow Flight paths in wow Storm Peaks

To every wow flight paths wow players. I'd like to share the wow storm peaks flight paths guide with you. It contain the Allience guide and Horde guide, also the location of the wow flight master help you to have a good journey, let's go!

Wow Storm Peaks is the penultimate zone in Northrend, and a welcome return to navigational complexity. As I mentioned in my last post on wow Sholazar, it is also my favorite zone in Northrend; I really enjoy all the Titan stuff as well as the background on the dwarves we get in the Alliance quests. The Sons of Hodir have the dubious honor of being probably the most difficult essential faction to rep up with, but that's going to get much easier in wow 3.0.8 when Relics of Ulduar become a rep turn-in. Anyway, I'd better get on with the FPs; there are quite a few of them.

K3 (41,83), run by the goblins, is the entry point to wow storm peaks flight paths(and a pun off a famous mountain). I only wish we could ride on rockets all the time out of this one.

Dun Niffelem (63,61) is a heavily phased Frost Giant town, headquarters of the Sons of Hodir. You will not be able to go here without being attacked before doing some significant questing (but don't worry, they're very enjoyable quests).

Bouldercrag Refuge, in the northwest of the zone, has a wow flight master at 31,36.

There's also a small cluster of NPCs up near the Ulduar instances, including a wow flight master (45,28), a repairer, and a reagent vendor. This is very handy for those Halls of Stone and Halls of Lightning runs (both of which are pretty nasty on heroic, in my opinion, especially the Tribunal and Loken). It will become even more essential in wow patch 3.1, when the Ulduar raid is due to be added.


5. Frosthold (30,74) is the hub for some essential questing; I don't want to give anything away, but it's a very dwarf-heavy town. It's also your opportunity to pick up a boot flask for the low price of 10 relics before it gets raised to 250 in wow 3.0.8.


5. Grom'arsh Crash Site is situated in the north center of wow Storm Peaks; its flight master is at 36,49.

6. Camp Tunka'lo, filled with those nifty Taunka, is in eastern wow storm peaks flight paths. You can catch a flight out of it at 66,51. There's an interesting idea that the flight master, Hyeyoung Parker, is named after a Korean actress; it is certainly an unusual name for WoW.
All about the wow flight paths in wow storm peaks. See you next time. Happy New Years!!!

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