April 18, 2009

Top Patch 3.1 specs so far from 3D Armory

Not to be outdone by TalentChic , the folks at 3D Armory also sent us their lists of what the most popular builds are in the game after patch 3.1 , and since everybody seems to be build-hungry lately (and why not -- we each get two!), here they all are.

Warrior : Fury 18/53/0.

Paladin : 0/0/0, which means you need to log in, Paladins! Also 51/5/15 for Holy.

Hunter : 0/0/0 wins here, too, but Survival (6/14/51) comes in next.

Rogue : Combat 15/51/5.

Priest: 14/57/0 for Holy.

Death Knight: 17/0/54 Unholy.

Shaman: Elemental 57/14/0.

Mage: 0/53/18 Fire.

Warlock: 0/41/30 Destruction.

Druid: 14/0/57 Restoration, which surprised me.

Keep in mind that these are from only a small sample of the game, so they're not the most popular specs in the game, just the most popular among those surveyed by the 3D Armory. And unfortunately, unlike TalentChic, it doesn't look like there's any way to see where the points are going, just the distribution of points among the trees (though that reminds us that Blizzard probably has some amazing point-by-point stats on how popular talents are).

It appears that raiding is the main goal here, which makes sense in all kinds of ways, both in terms of what people want to do in the game after 3.1, and in terms of which people are checking their listings on 3D Armory. It would be good, too, to see something that neither TalentChic nor 3D Armory show: which builds people are choosing together -- are Druids going Feral/Resto or Boomkin and Resto? Are Paladins choosing tanking and healing or supplementing either one with lots and lots of Ret?

As Alex pointed out insightfully on the other post, things are still shaking out here, so these numbers will likely change (and it occurs to me, though I am not completely familiar with all of the classes, that most of these builds were the exact same used before 3.1, so those may change over time as well). But there's another look at where people are going after 3.1 with their choice of talent specs.

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