July 30, 2009

Argent Tournament dailies: Get Kraken!

The Patch 3.2 daily quests are all rather straightforward, but since the QuestHelper-esque features that were intended to be in the patch were pulled, we figured we would go over them all anyway. The first one that we'll be tackling is Get Kraken! This quest can only be seen once you've acquired the Crusader title, and it's the return of a Burning Crusade staple: On-rails bombing quests. Watch the video above, and that's pretty much the whole thing. The goal is to chuck 8 Flaming Spears at the kraken that's harassing the Silver Covenant and Sunreaver ships, and use the spear to take out 6 Kvaldir Deepcallers on the way. It's on rails, so there's no search element involved at all. You kill as many as you need while in-flight, or you don't. If you don't, you grab another flight.

I somewhat suspect that when the patch first launches, you're going to be taking the extra flight more often than not. When there are only a few people flying around, there are more than enough Deepcallers to go around. Even though they respawn nearly instantaneously, targeting and hitting them will be a pain when there are dozens and dozens of people doing the quest. The kraken isn't an issue, though. The thing can take a beating, and it's by far the easiest of the two targets. If you don't scare all of your necessary hits on it in one go, chances are you just forgot to do it.

Another thing you might notice in the video above is that the Deepcallers can actually be pretty hard to spot. You need to be a quick-clicker or you'll miss them. You fly so high that they don't really 'pop in' until you're right on top of them, so you'll be swiveling your camera behind you fairly often. You'll be throwing back over your shoulder, rather than straight ahead. Still, it's really not that bad, and I actually find these on-rails quests pretty fun. This is one thing I'm very glad to see again, personally. It brings some sorely needed diversity to the Argent Tournament's daily quests.

Completing the quest at the level cap will net you 13 gold, 23 silver, and a Champion's Seal. No reputation gain, since you need to be Exalted with pretty much everybody involved before you can even get the quest.

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