July 16, 2009

Blizzard warns against Three Wolf Moon at BlizzCon

Grainne was posting over on the BlizzCon forums today, and brought up a very good point. We all need to be very careful about wearing our Three Wolf Moon shirts to BlizzCon.

My first experience with this shirt of legend, like many of you, came through the largest digg in the known universe. It became so popular that the digg counters are even screwed up. It's just that awesome. When my shirt finally arrived I immediately found that all the Blood Elves were attracted to me, even the dudes. But that's okay, because such a powerful shirt demands respect. I was attracted to me too.

I think Nethaera must have had such a similar experience. Perhaps she was posing in game as one those Blood Elves? Because that would explain her warning:

"Whoa... no need to dress up that much! Not to mention, it may cause a disturbance you know."

I'm sorry if my shirt wearing caused you any problems Neth. Hopefully Ghostcrawler isn't wearing his anymore either. I know that the one day we both wore ours, the servers crashed. I still feel bad about that.

As you can see, this is serious stuff here people.

If you're going to wear the Three Wolf Moon shirt, you need to heed Neth's warning as well as ours. Make sure your Matthew Rossi chest hair is appropriately combed and your suave Turpster accent is well practiced. For with great power comes even greater responsibility.

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