July 16, 2009

Capitalizing on WoW Patch 3.2

New patches always bring unique and often limited-time-only opportunities to cash in. To take advantage of them you have to be aware, come prepared, and be willing to invest in anything from materials to spending some quality time with the Auction House.

So what can you get out of wow patch 3.2? Scanning through the latest PTR notes, here are some potential gold-making highlights. Remember, results may vary:

Strangulate, a Death Knight ranged ability that silences, will soon also apply a 3 second Interrupt effect on non-player controlled targets (read: not for PvP). While a few other abilities are also getting this buff, you might note that there is actually a Glyph of Strangulate, which skims 20 seconds off its cooldown.

Considering how many fights depend on the tank and DPS to constantly be interrupting effects (General Vezax anyone?), this particular glyph might become more popular.

Frustrated Paladins everywhere probably have dropped Glyph of Exorcism from their PvP specs, but with wow 3.2 making it usable on players again, they may be wanting it back.

Glyph of Claw is being added to the game, and you can expect pretty much all ferals pre-level 50 (when they train Mangle) to pick it up. Although you won't be able to make this pre-patch, you could farm the materials.

Because potions are being changed to stack to 20, potion injectors will no longer be of any use to the general public, so I recommend trying to sell any that you do have. It's the last chance for profit, and of course, you can make more for yourself later (they will still be useful to you) when they reduce the materials with the patch.

Now is the time to level your Fishing. Get to at least 300 skill, but max it out if you can. There are plenty of other gold-making reasons to do this, and the patch will be adding yet another one. When you complete the Northrend Fishing daily quests, and have min 300 skill, you may find a Waterlogged Recipe in amongst your rewards.

When turned in, you will get several Dalaran Cooking Awards. Why do you care? Because you can sell the books to achievement junkies and cooking enthusiasts who want the new and improved Chef's Hat (soon to speed up cooking times) and associated achievement, Cooking With Style.

Titanium Ore
Mine this up, or buy it, but don't smelt it. Save as much of it as you can. Once the patch hits, the demand for this is going to go sky-high. Jewelcrafters will be looking to prospect it, and it will be turning up as a key reagent in some of the new epic Blacksmithing gear.

Non-Combat Pets
These obviously cannot be farmed until after the patch, but they will be in huge demand, so if you have a farming toon (Death Knights and Hunters are often used for more efficient farming), you should keep up on the latest info on the new pets.

For example, one of the raptor pets will be dropping from elite raptors inside Wailing Caverns, which could easily be farmed by almost anyone, save the very low level toons. You will also have no competition. In a dungeon of your own, you can clear it, leave and reset it, and trot merrily back in with fresh new spawns.

The news feed over at Warcraft Pets is a great resource for planning this out in advance.

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