September 2, 2009

wow rogue mod RSwapper

This is an update of RogueSwapper by Morfin. It has been completely rewritten, but performs the same function. I used it to learn how to write Ace2 mods and decided to submit it since Morfin hasn't updated his mod for the 2.0 patch.

The original idea is completely from Morfin. All credit goes to him.

In a nutshell, this mod swaps your main-hand weapons when you go in/out of stealth or when your target might be susceptible to a backstab (gouged, stunned, etc.). You specify which weapon should be in your main-hand when stealthed (your dagger) and when not stealthed (your sword). Please note that despite being called dagger and sword, these weapons could be anything; RSwapper doesn't care.

Important notes:

a. RSwapper requires the WeaponQuickSwap mod to work properly. It is NOT included; you'll need to download and install it separately if you don't already have it.

b. RSwapper is an Ace2 mod. Type '/rswapper' to see what the options are.

c: RSwapper is incompatible with RogueSwapper and any other mod that performs weapon swapping, such as StanceSets. Please make sure only one of them is enabled.

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