September 2, 2009

WoW Shaman Warning mod

WoW Shaman Warning mod

This mod will play a sound alert when you gain certain shaman buffs/special abilities. I made this because many times I don't even realize I have them due to fights or not reading the entire combat chat.

Will alert you when you gain: Windfury, Elemental Devastation, Flurry. And when you loose water shield.

Type '/sw' for options, you can turn on/off the warnings with:
/sw elemental (for elemental devastation)
/sw windfury (for windfury)
/sw flurry (for flurry)
/sw storm (for eye of the storm)
/sw water (for water shield debuff)

Will try to keep on adding warnings to the mod.

Patch notes for Shaman Warning
- Made some minor changes
- Updated TOC

- Updated TOC
- Updated ACE2 libraries.
- Added water shield warning.

- Cleaned up a little the code so some items wont proc accidentally.
- Updated ACE2 libraries.

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