November 13, 2009

WoW Emblems of Frost Rewards

It looks like Blizzard finally pushed new items with this build, below is the list of items you can buy with the Emblems of Frost you will get from raids, daily quests, and weekly raid quests. Prices aren't available for the moment

We might have more items today, stay tuned!

ilvl Type Spec Slot Item
264 Thrown Phys.DPS Thrown Shrapnel Star
264 Plate Melee.DPS Chest Castle Breaker's Battleplate
264 Plate Melee.DPS Hands Gatecrasher's Gauntlets
264 Plate Melee.DPS Waist Gatecrasher's Gauntlets
264 Plate Spell MP5 Chest Chestplate of Unspoken Truths
264 Plate Spell Hands Gauntlets of Overexposure
264 Plate Spell Waist Lich Killer's Lanyard
264 Plate Tank Chest Cataclysmic Chestguard
264 Plate Tank Hands Gauntlets of the Kraken
264 Plate Tank Waist Verdigris Chain Belt
264 Mail Phys.DPS Chest Longstrider's Vest
264 Mail Phys.DPS Feet Rock-Steady Treads
264 Mail Phys.DPS Hands Logsplitters
264 Mail Phys.DPS Waist Band of the Night Raven
264 Mail Spell MP5 Chest Mail of the Geyser
264 Mail Spell Feet Earthsoul Boots
264 Mail Spell Hands Blizzard Keeper's Mitts
264 Mail Spell Waist Waistband of Despair
264 Leather Phys.DPS Chest Shadow Seeker's Tunic
264 Leather Phys.DPS Hands Cat Burglar's Grips
264 Leather Phys.DPS Waist Vengeful Noose
264 Leather Spell Chest Vestments of Spruce and Fir
264 Leather Spell Hands Gloves of the Great Horned Owl
264 Leather Spell Waist Belt of Petrified Ivy
264 Cloth Spell Chest Meteor Chaser's Raiment
264 Cloth Spell Chest Ermine Coronation Robes
264 Cloth Spell Hands Gloves of Ambivalence
264 Cloth Spell Waist Belt of Omission
264 Cloth Spell Waist Circle of Ossus
264 Cloak Melee.DPS Back Might of the Ocean Serpent
264 Cloak Phys.DPS Back Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape
264 Cloak Spell MP5 Back Drape of the Violet Tower
264 Cloak Spell Back Volde's Cloak of the Night Sky
264 Cloak Tank Back Sentinel's Winter Cloak
264 Idol Feral Relic Idol of the Crying Moon
264 Idol Balance Relic Idol of the Lunar Eclipse
264 Idol Restoration Relic Idol of the Black Willow
264 Libram Holy Relic Libram of Blinding Light
264 Libram Protection Relic Libram of the Eternal Tower
264 Libram Retribution Relic Libram of Three Truths
264 Misc. Phys.DPS Trinket Herkuml War Token
264 Misc. Spell Hit Trinket Maghia's Misguided Quill
264 Misc. Spell Trinket Purified Lunar Dust
264 Misc. Tank Trinket Corroded Skeleton Key
264 Sigil Melee.DPS Relic Sigil of the Hanged Man
264 Sigil Tank Relic Sigil of the Bone Gryphon
264 Totem Elemental Relic Bizuri's Totem of Shattered Ice
264 Totem Enhancement Relic Totem of the Avalanche
264 Totem Restoration Relic Totem of the Surging Sea

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