July 5, 2009

Hunters discover "new" Worgen pet

As the holiday weekend rolled around, we started to get a number of tips that Hunters were

successfully training themselves a...Worgen pet? Worgen?!? How was this level of cool allowed into

the game without anyone knowing about it until now?

Well, it turns out that the Worgen pet is in fact a very clever use of game mechanics somewhat

akin to those used by Hunters in order to tame the (now sadly vanished) Grimtotem Spirit Guide.

Garwal, a warg NPC in northern Howling Fjord who can turn into a Worgen as part of a questline

(the link is the Horde version, but it's the same for both Horde and Alliance) can actually be

tamed and kept in Worgen form if the timing is right. Mania's Arcania has a look at the process

used here, which involves a little math, a little guesswork, and the strategic use of Wyvern


Regrettably, you can only get Garwal to transform into a Worgen if you haven't done the questline

concerned, so I would imagine most Hunters at 80 who leveled in Howling Fjord are out of luck

(unless you can snag someone who hasn't done it yet -- and even then I'm not sure you'd see him in

Worgen form without the requisite quest item).

Neither of my Hunters are close to Wrath content yet, but I'd absolutely kill for this pet. That

said, I'm not confident that Blizzard's going to let this stay in the game, but they did let

people who had already tamed a Grimtotem wolf keep them. Even if the Hotfix Hammer is falling,

your Hunter may want to try this for the sheer awesome of having a Worgen pet for a little while.

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