July 9, 2009

WoW Edition released as a standalone download

There's Peggle the original PC game, Peggle the XBLA game, Peggle the iPhone game, Peggle: Steam
edition, and Peggle the WoW addon, and so when I heard rumblings of "Peggle: WoW edition," I just
figured people were talking about one of the many, many already-released versions of PopCap's
popular Plinko-inspired pasttime. But no -- the folks at PopCap have released another version of
Peggle: Peggle World of Warcraft edition is a standalone, free (PC-only) download that allows you
to play a WoW-related version completely outside of World of Warcraft.
All that make sense? It sounds like PopCap realized that there was a call for a brand new version
of Peggle (including new stages, WoW-related backgrounds, and even a secret easter egg between
Arthas and Bjorn the unicorn) that was different enough to stand as its own PC game, so they
worked their coding magic and put it all together into a downloadable standalone. And much to the
lament of Mac gamers everywhere, it's PC-only.
But then again, it's free, it's Peggle, and so if you haven't gotten your Peggle fix through any
of the aforementioned channels yet, here's the hit you've been waiting for. If you do the math
(and chart the number of Peggle versions over time), we're pretty sure that, soon, all games will
be Peggle. And strangely enough, we're kind of OK with that. Peggle is really fun.

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