July 9, 2009

WoW Testing of Crusader's Coliseum starts tomorrow

I was just bemoaning that we haven't gotten a chance to see patch 3.2's new raid content yet. It
looks like that chance will come sooner than I expected: Testing of Crusader's Coliseum tomorrow
Daelo has just posted a testing schedule for Trial of the Crusader (a.k.a. Crusader's Coliseum).
North American realms: Lord Jaraxxus, Thursday, July 9, starting at 7 PM EDT European realms:
Eydis Darkbane and Fjola Lightbane, Thursday, July 9, starting at 19:00 CEST Both of these fights
will be available in normal mode (10 or 25) only, not heroic. The new 5-man, Trial of the
Champion, will be open "later in the PTR cycle." Testing of Crusader's Coliseum!
He also notes that Koralon, the new Vault boss, will be up, and you'll be able to access it if
your side has Wintergrasp. Tanking and DPS Patchwerks will make a return. Unlike the patch 3.1 PTR
tanking Patchwerk, this one just hits really hard ("as hard as Algalon"), all the time (instead of
ramping his damage up over time).
Oh, and one more thing: there is, apparently, no trash at all in this raid. Woot?

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