July 9, 2009

TurpsterVision: Northrend Children's Week

First up a bit of housekeeping; thanks to all of you who took part in last week's contest -- over 500 of you! A winner has been chosen via the highly technical method of a /random in-game roll. Sorry to the others of you who didn't win this time, but who knows, maybe in the future we'll have another giveaway on TurpsterVision!

This week we take a trip on the PTR and experience the new Northrend Children's Week, doing the impossible and completing both sides of the event to show you what is on offer. Lesley Smith posted about the event before and we even put up a handy gallery if you would like to take a closer look at some of the quest text.

The quest I talked about in Sholazar Basin is Reclamation part of a chain started by the Avatar of Freya. We've since discovered that the Oracle's quest to go through the Waygate does not require this quest and in fact opens the Waygate for later use – but you should all totally do this quest if you haven't already, it's too much fun!

On the live realms we will only be able to complete this quest for one of the children each year and in my mind there is no question which orphan I will choose...

I can has aged yolk?

Before I get back to the PTR I'll have to show you something that made me smile while questing and confirmed Roo as the greatest orphan ever to set foot in WoW!

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