July 11, 2009

WoW Storm Peaks Gold Farming

Near Grom'arsh Crash Site there is an area called Valkyrion in this area you will find Valkyrion Aspirant's and Nascent Val'kyr's. This is an area that isn't that popular so there aren't many players around but they drop some nice things that you can make money from such as;

The Valkyrion Aspirant's drop Frostweave Cloth & Relics of Ulduar both at a 70% drop rate. Both sell very well on the AH.

The Nascent Val'kyr's drop Dissolved Soul Essence at a 100% drop rate and a stack of 20 sells for 13g.
They also drop a trinket called Tears of Bitter Anguish

Tears of Bitter Anguish
Binds when equipped
Requires Level 80
Equip: Improves haste rating by 73 (2.2% at 80).
Equip: Chance on melee and ranged critical strike to increase your haste rating by 410 for 10 secs.
"They shimmer with sadness and woe."

It is a very nice trinket and can either be used or sold for anywhere between $2,000g - $12,000g but it has a drop rate of 0.4% so it is extremly rare but it is fantastic if it drops.

Both the Valkyrion Aspirant's and the Nascent Val'kyr's drop grey vendor trash items that can sell for up to 2g+ and they can drop green items which can either be disenchanted by enchanters or sold at the AH.

Depending on how many Aspirant's and Val'kyr's you kill, with the cloth, relics of ulduar and dissolved soul essence as well as anything else that drops for you, it is possible to make atleast 300g+ an hour.

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