July 5, 2009

WRUP: WRUPing on the 4th of July

Another week has come and gone again, leaving us stranded in yet another weekend (and a holiday

weekend for many of us, at that). How are we ever going to kill the time until Monday? By spending

some time in Azeroth! So what's everyone playing this weekend? The WoW.com team will get the

conversation started, so to see what we're up to -- and tell us what you're up to! -- in game this

weekend, read on!

Adam Holisky (@adamholisky): Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a land side.

No escape from reality. (Which means I'm playing my Mage/Druid Horde dualbox toons). Alex Ziebart

(@aziebart): It finally seems like I'll get some time to dig into leveling Turpen again, so that's

what I'll be doing in between raids, 4th of July celebrations, and working. Amanda Miller: Going

after Yogg once again. I might try to fit in a farming session or two. Daniel Whitcomb

(@Danielwhitcomb): I've been bitten by the bug to level my Blood Elf Paladin for some reason, so

I'm working on him. He also only needs to kill Ahune for Flame Keeper, so I'll see if I can grab

that for him as well. Oh yeah, I can also mention that I am gonna start my weight loss regimen

this weekend in the geekiest way possible -- with Dance Dance Revolution. Eddie Carrington

(@Brigwyn): Another no WoW weekend for me. I'll be flying cross country to the Philly FP on the

4th and flying back home on the 5th. At least I got the Flightpoints. Otherwise it would be worse

than trying to run from Darnassus to Ironforge at level 10 before WoTLK came out. Elizabeth

Wachowski: Continuing my hiatus from WoW, I will be playing Fallout 3, Prototype, and Final

Fantasy Tactics. Lisa Poisso (@eMused): We are celebrating my daughter's new Midsummer Fire dress

by, ummm, not wearing it and staying offline for the weekend. ;) Mark Turpin (@The_T): I'll be

leveling up some Warlocks, got till the end of the month till my RAF runs out, just got these

warlocks and then some Druids to level up and then I'll have all the classes to 60. Matt Low

(@mattycus): Farming mad badges and preparing for epic gems. Everyone's expected to replace all

blue quality gems with epic ones when they're available. That means Naxx. Fun! Matthew Rossi:

Leveling another DK through Outland, I usually seem to peter out around level 72 for some reason,

we'll see if this one makes it. Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): This weekend includes the zoo and a

birthday party, so I'm not sure how many alts I can get through their level appropriate Midsummer

achievements. I've also been distracted by taking in-game videos -- we'll see if anything comes of

that. Zach Yonzon (@trymykungfu): Busy making travel arrangements for BlizzCon in August on top of

working on my personal site, business, and a long-forestalled comic project. Which means it's an

awful time to dust off my Shaman, whom I thought would finally get some love and get to 80. Back

to the shelf with you, Troll! So, everyone, what do you find yourself playing this weekend?

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