July 11, 2009

WoW Farming Relics Of Ulduar

The Sons Of Hodir the place for the best shoulder enchants and some pretty cool Ice Mammoth mounts, you can complete the daily or quests or hand in relics of Ulduar. Relic's are similar to the
BC rep items for the Aldor or Scryers.
Once you have complete the starting quest chain from K3 and become neutral with The Sons Of Hodir you can turn these relics into Lillehoff the quartermaster (66,61). A lot of 10 will give you 250 rep (275 for human), they stack in 200's. There are always lots of people farming these and selling them on AH for a good profit.

I've been testing various location in the Storm Peaks, looking for areas with best drop rate, fastest re-spawn time and quiet little spots. The figures give are relics per hour and the gold you would make by vendoring/auctioning the other drops at lowest price.

1. Snowdrift Plains ( 32,48)
Relics 48
Gold 163

In Between the various Iron Dwarf settlements here a nice strip of plain white snow, littered with Stromriders and some jonmungar. There are quests around here people running through but generally avoiding these mobs, by the time you run from the start (34,47) to the end of the snow (28,40) the mobs will have re-spawned at the start.

2. Frostfield Lake (70,60)
Relics 68
Gold 107

Next to Dun Nifflem a frozen lake, the only mob here is Brittle Revenants. There is a daily quest for Sons OF Hodir here but they re-spawn very fast, there were other player here the whole time I was killing these and I never ran out of mobs to kill, got agro whilst eating/drinking move off the lake and into the snow for full feeding.

3. Terrace Of The Makers (36,40)
Relics 59
Gold 92

The only thing up here is library guardians, I did not see anything useful drop from these just grey vendor items. There are a lot of mobs here and the quests here involve getting information out of the data cells and blowing up the stone chunks, other people here are more interested in that than killing the mobs.

4.Narvins Cradle (31,48)
Relics 73
Gold 165

There 3 parts to running here, there is an outer ring on the snow, a stepped down ring and the various levels going up around the Colosus.
I started by killing the outer ring, killing all of the inner ring and going up 2 levels Waiting for downstairs to re-spawn. You don't want to spend too much time up on the platforms as there is a lot of walking/flying between each mob, the bottom bit is more concentrated and lots can be pulled without moving.

Fjorn's Anvil Seams to be the most populated farming area, I went there and tried to kill the Seathing Revenant's but there was too much competition another 6 players all after the same mobs. I will return when its quieter, and bring some more relic farming spots.

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